Founded 2015 Teqniq Wind Oy is a fresh but experienced consulting company providing technical and commercial services in the fields of electrical equipment and renewable energies. Almost 20 years of experience in export trade of substation automation equipment, power electronics and electrical machines provides solid understanding of business-to-business transactions.

We know that every business is unique, even if it’s within the same industry. You have unique needs that are specific to your business. Your business may have a department full of professionals for certain task, or it may not have it at all. We can supplement your resources or become your entire team, as we offer customized service to fit all your company’s needs no matter if it is one hour job or longer project.

Teqniq Wind Oy is located in Vaasa on the west coast of Finland, 400 km northwest or one hour flight from Helsinki. Vaasa is familiar of its vibrant energy industry cluster. ABB, Danfoss Drives (Vacon) and Wärtsilä being examples of internationally well known companies having major operations in Vaasa. Locating in the heart of the energy cluster, and just few hundred meters off the runway of Vaasa Airport, Teqniq Wind Oy is ready to take off for any destination. 

“Teqniq Wind provides professional, competitively priced, prompt, and talented service. I recommend"

Jarmo Saaranen, Chairman, VNT Management Oy


We offer technical consultation to solve renewable energy challenges with respect to the operation, planning, and/or design of the new and existing production facilities such as wind and solar installations and related electricity distribution. It can be an advantage to have on your staff a wind power expert who has intimate knowledge of your business, your network and your needs. With managed services we provide the manpower and expertise to carry out specific tasks, acting as an extension of your business, and complementing the in-house resource.

We support our partners in all areas related to sales, business development and account management. If you are looking for strategic partner for new products or entering new markets, we are the company you want to talk to. Our focus is on business-to-business transactions for companies and start-ups in the electrical sector. Teqniq Wind is your single source supplier for services in sales & marketing of investment goods. Our approach is responsive and proactive when it comes to promote your commercial targets. As an independent agent we put high caliber commitment into everything we do. Give us a try and find out.


The European Union’s Energy Efficiency Directive together with corresponding national legislation, Finnish Energy Efficiency Act, cover energy production and use in the public and private sectors aiming to promote the efficient use of energy and to cost-effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to curbing climate change, energy efficiency is vital for other reasons, including securing the energy supply, decreasing the need for imported energy, reducing energy costs, and other environmental aspects, such as environmental protection and air pollution control. Emission reduction goals also promote increasing the share of renewable energy.

Finnish Energy Efficiency Act from 2015 obliges large enterprises to carry out an energy audit every fourth year. An energy audit is a systematic process that discovers how a facility uses energy and then recommends energy efficient improvements. The energy audit takes into account the total energy usage of an enterprise, such as buildings, industrial and commercial activities and transport. In addition, in order to form a reliable picture of the overall energy  consumption and to find out the most significant opportunities for efficiency improvement, the audit includes separate site/process-specific audits representing sufficient number of the enterprise's operations.

The energy audit responsible of an enterpise shall be certified by the Finnish Energy Authority. Teqniq Wind Oy is certified Enterprise Energy Audit Responsible. We are happy to help you in energy efficiency matters.


The feed-in tariff paid in Finland comprises a state subsidy granted by the Energy Authority. Electricity producers that receive the feed-in tariff are responsible for the sale of the electricity they produce and any arising net energy costs. The feed-in tariff is applied for from the Energy Authority in three-month periods in arrears. The certification of the verifier is required for the acceptance application and application for feed-in- tariff payment. The information to be certified in the acceptance application by the verifier includes the annual production estimate of the power plant and whether the power plant fulfils the criteria prescribed in the production subsidy legislation. For the application for payment, the verifier is to confirm the production report on the amount of electricity produced by the power plant that is entitled to subsidy. The verifier is also to ensure before the application for payment is submitted that the monitoring system applied by the electricity producer in practice is in compliance with the monitoring system described in the acceptance decision. 

Teqniq Wind Oy carries a provisional verifier authorisation for wind flow (1255/715/2016) and we are able to offer acceptance application verification for wind power plants. Please contact us for detailed information.

Electricity suppliers must certify the origin of electricity if electricity is marketed as "produced from renewable sources of energy". The system of guarantees of origin is the only method of certification. The origin of electricity must also be certified through guarantees of origin when the electricity supplier announces that electricity it uses elsewhere in its business is produced from renewable sources, or when the marketing by the electricity user includes information indicating that the supplier uses electricity from renewable sources. 

If the electricity producer wants to register their power plant in the system of guarantees of origin of electricity, the producer must verify the power plant by using an approved verifier. The task of the verifier is to verify power plants before electricity produced by the power plant can be issued guarantees of origin. The verifier verifies the power plant's production method and the energy sources it uses. The verification performed by the verifier remains valid for five years after the issuing of the verification certificate, but the validity can also be shorter.

Teqniq Wind Oy is an approved verifier (1887/462/2016) by the Energy Authority for power plants using renewable energies including wind, solar, hydro power, hydrothermal, geothermal, airthermal, wave or tidal energy.

Teqniq Wind Oy is strictly committed to impartiality and objectiveness. Please read Teqniq’s impartiality policy here.


Specialised in wind turbine photography we strive on safely capturing aerial footage that will highlight your unique vision and produce stunning visuals from a diverse perspective. We offer cost efficient drone service that enable our clients to obtain aerial footage where it once would have been too expensive. Safety is always our first priority. We understand wind turbines and what makes flying nearby so special. Our camera drones include GPS flight systems with live video feedback, and sonar collision avoidance system. The drone captures high resolution photos and/or 4K video from ground level to 150 m (height restricted by national aviation rules) and everywhere in-between. With full time live camera view and on screen GPS display we are able to frame up the perfect shot of your wind turbine or wind park at the precise height and location you request.

Drone can also be used for quick and cost efficient inspection of rotor blades, nacelle and main structures. Inspection is safe since the application is controlled from the ground. Drone-made inspection significantly reduces the time of the turbine shutdown. One hour is normally enough time for the drone to examine the turbine. Regular inspection not only keeps blades up to standard, it also reduces maintenance costs by removing the need for unnecessary maintenance. 

Inspecting wind turbines is challenging and often dangerous, for obvious reasons: Turbines are massive and hard to get a good look at. Inspection is also slow and risky work when done manually. Both the speed and safety of inspections are improved using drone service.

Call us when it is about helicam photography of wind turbines, wind parks, electrical substations or construction sites of any kind. 



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