Teqniq Wind Impartiality Policy

Teqniq Wind Oy, hereinafter Teqniq, is a consulting company providing technical and commercial services in the fields of electrical equipment and renewable energies. Almost 20 years of experience in export trade of substation automation equipment, power electronics and electrical machines provides solid understanding of business-to-business transactions. In addition, Teqniq is active in verification providing verification services for feed-in-tariff system and guarantee-of-electricity-system.

The purpose of this policy is to describe how Teqniq ensures independence, impartiality and transparency in its verification activities. Teqniq strives to avoid situations where a risk of impartiality arises, or a potential conflict of interest could exist, or be seen to exist. A conflict of interest occurs when an individual or organisation has multiple interests, one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation for an act in another. Teqniq’s procedures and policies have been designed to avoid any potential or actual conflict of interest, at both individual and institutional levels.

Conflict of interest at the individual level may occur when a person has a certain interest or close arrangement or affiliation with a specific organisation. Institutional conflict of interest exists at the organisational level when the whole organisation is involved, irrespective of individual interests.

The following principles are applicable to the Teqniq organisation to assure the impartiality and reduce the risk derived from conflict of interest:

1. Any individual engaged with a Teqniq verification activities, including partner company members, shall sign a case-by-case conflict of interest statement and disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest. Such disclosures are then analysed and appropriate risk mitigation measures undertaken.

2. Verification is not provided in case of conflict of interest.

3. Teqniq does not verify its own consultations.

4. External oversight of Teqniqs’s impartiality is provided periodically by authorities for whom Teqniq reports annually about conducted verification activities.

To avoid conflict of interest, no verification-related consultancy will be given to an organisation which will be the subject of verification, unless consultancy is required or allowed by the verification scheme. For the sake of clarity, drone photography is not considered as verification-related consultancy.

The impartiality procedures are fully described in Teqniq’s Business Operating System. For more information, please contact us.